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sigtrans-l - Signal Transduction Society

Subject: Signal Transduction Society

Description: The Gesellschaft fuer Signaltransduktion (GST) or Signal Transduction Society
(STS) is devoted to scientific exchange between investigators concerned with
cellular signal transduction. In recent years, colleagues from various disci-
plines of the molecular biosciences have become interested in this area of
research. We have witnessed rapid progress in the characterisation of mecha-
nisms that underlie the generation and processing of inter- and intracellular
signals. These findings are of common relevance to a multitude of researchers
who are traditionally considered i.e. biochemists, molecular biologists, cell
biologists, immunologists, pharmacologists or clinical researchers. Unfortu-
nately, individuals assigned to these diverse fields do not meet frequently
and have insufficient opportunity to discuss their achievements in Signal
The Signal Transduction Society (STS) has the status of a non-profit organi-
sation. Main purpose of the STS is the continuous and determined development
of an interdisciplinary forum for research on Signal Transduction. In the first
instance, this aim will be pursued by regular realisation of high quality con-
Moreover, the STS is in the process of establishing and maintaining a network
between researchers that promotes exchange of information and research ma-
terial. This website is intended to develop into the communicative platform for
all these purposes. Part of it is this mailing list. The website can be found
The STS strongly encourages investigators from the whole area of Signal Trans-
duction research to become members. By doing so, you will strengthen this
fascinating aspect of research which cannot be covered as a whole by any of the
traditional branches of biomedicine. You support the efforts of an interdisci-
plinary group of scientists to enhance the efficiency of their research. You
will benefit from a better exchange between colleagues who are interested in
related questions. Finally, you will become part of a forum that highly appre-
ciates any initiative you might wish to launch in order to further improve
its concept.
To contact STS send eMail to or visit our Site in the WWW

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