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ppp-sera-community - ppp-sera-community

Subject: ppp-sera-community

Description: The PPP Societal and Economic Research and Applications (SERA) task team contributes social sciences expertise and operational know-how to the Polar Prediction Project ( The PPP-SERA task team’s research focuses to the needs for, and the use of, environmental information, which includes the study of decision-making processes by a diverse range of actors in the Polar Regions. Furthermore, PPP-SERA team members and contributors intend to examine pathways, methods and challenges in relation to how polar weather, water, ice and climate (WWIC) information is communicated between providers and users. Hereby, the PPP-SERA task team complements the observation and modelling efforts of YOPP and aims at improving our understanding of user and provider needs, perspectives, values and behaviour. This mailing list is supposed to support PPP-SERA task team to keep in touch with project external stakeholders involved in the socio-economic aspects of the project.

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