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Administrators Frequently Asked Questions

A subscriber does not receive the list messages

To find the cause of the problem, do as follows:

  • Check that the user is really subscribed to the list on the 'Manage subscribers' page.
  • Check the subscriber's message delivery mode; the page about the subscriber is available by clicking on his/her email address from the members list. When the delivery mode is the 'Digest' mode, it is normal that the subscriber does not receive messages as soon as they are sent.
  • Check that the subscriber's email address is not bouncing on the 'Bounces' page. A subscriber email address is considered to be bouncing when messages sent to it generate error logs (called "bounces"). These errors can be temporary (inbox full, mail server unavailable) or permanent (no email account for the user). In any case, the mailing list server automatically manages the deletion of addresses generating too many errors.
  • In the event that list members' mail servers reject emails from external mail servers that contain internal email addresses in the From header, the list setting can be set so that for all emails sent via the list, the list email address is set as the From address instead of the original sender's email address.
    To do this, set the DMARC Protection parameter to all. You can find this parameter on the administration page of the list under Edit List Configuration -> DKIM. Listenkonfiguration bearbeiten -> DKIM.
  • Try and send a message yourself to the subscriber in order to check if he/she receives it.
  • As a last resort, contact the listmaster, who will check the mail server logs in order to find the cause of the problem.
  • Privacy compliant configuration of mailing lists

    When administering your mailing list, please note that the list is configured in such a way that it complies with the provisions of the German Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO). Especially for mailing lists that are used as newsletters, it is important that the users agree to the subscription to the mailing list and that no personal data is visible publicly.

    Some important points for a privacy compliant mailing list are the following:

  • A mailing list that is used as a newsletter must be configured so that subscribing is only possible with double opt-in.
    This means that the participant actively enters his/her name in the list and the identity is subsequently verified by a confirmation e-mail.
    If the participant was already authenticated on the website, the second step is not necessary because the identity has already been confirmed.
  • The e-mail addresses of the subscribers must not be publicly visible and should only be visible to the owners of the list in the case of newsletters.
  • The mailing list archives must not be publicly visible.
  • Unsubscribing from the list must be possible for every user.
  • A newsletter must contain a footer that contains information on how to leave the lists.
    For unsigned e-mails, the template for the footer can be edited on the website of the mailing list, which is then automatically attached to the reply.
    In the case of signed e-mails, the text of the footer must, for technical reasons, be attached directly to the text of the e-mail by the user himself before the e-mail is sent.
  • If the recipients have already consented to the receipt of a newsletter before the DSGVO became effective, this consent continues to exist. You can therefore continue to use the mailing list. It is important that the persons concerned are not unintentionally added to the list.

    Adding a footer to the emails of a mailing list

    If you want to add a footer to a mailing list, it is important to know that the Sympa mailing list server only adds the footer to non-signed emails.
    The reason for this is that adding a footer changes the original message and the signature would no longer be valid.

    To add a footer, click on "List templates" under "Edit list configuration" on the administration page of the list. On this page, click on the word "Edit" to the left of "Message footer".
    On the following page, enter the text for the message footer and then click on "Save" at the bottom.

    If you want to insert a personalized link to unsubscribe from the list, it can look like this:

    To unsubscribe from this list, please click here: [% wwsympa_url %]/auto_signoff/[% listname %]/[% user.escaped_email %].

    Attention: You must activate the merge feature for a personalized link. To do this, go to "Send/receive settings" under "Edit list configuration" and select "Enabled (on)" under "Message personalization (merge feature)".

    The default setting for adding a footer or header is for the footer to be attached to the email as a mime attachment. In some e-mail clients (e.g. Outlook), the footer is then not displayed at the end of the text but in the e-mail attachment. If you want the footer to be attached directly to the text, go to "Send/Receive settings" under "Edit list configuration" and select "Append to message body (append)" under "Attachment type (footer_type)". However, this may only work for emails in "plain/text" format.

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