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isimip-data_updates - Data update announcements

Subject: Data update announcements

Description: Dear subscriber of the isimip-data_updates mailing list,

This mailing list was initiated to communicate updates, issues, and caveats found in the ISIMIP input and output data. In the future, some of the mails to this list may be triggered by our new data portal at, where you will be able to subscribe to certain issues and keep track of ongoing related developments on your own.

We encourage all of your group members to join this list and to also consider joining the isimip-followers or the isimip-modelers lists. These two were created to be informed about achievements, announcements of events, protocol releases and updates, etc. as soon as relevant information from the ISIMIP project comes up. You can find more information about these lists, and instructions on how to join and manage them, at

Below you’ll find a link to opt-out from this list. We strongly recommend to keep this email for managing your subscription at any time.

Thanks and kind regards,
The ISIMIP coordination team at PIK

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