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irrigation-l - IRRIGATION-L List for 'irrigation theory and practice'

Subject: IRRIGATION-L List for 'irrigation theory and practice'

Description: This mailing list is intended for the discussion in the field of
irrigation theory and practice without any restriction on the
system used. Typically the material will be question-and-answer
on actual problems but any contributions to
- research projects and results,
- valuable experiences,
- new technologies and products and
- and any topics related to irrigation
are welcome.
The objective of IRRIGATION-L is to support the international
irrigation community by providing a dedicated information and
exchange service intended for discussions in the field of
irrigation theory and practice. The scope of the list is not
limited to cover only technical or agronomic aspects of
irrigation but it is thought to also span the entire socio-
economic, cultural, political and environmental context in
which irrigation takes place.
IRRIGATION-L is an information exchange list with the primary
purpose to SHARE information. It will only be a living list
if the majority of their members will discuss and share their
knowledge and thoughts.
The IRRIGATION-L discussion list has its own website under:
It holds fully searchable and threaded online archives of all
postings since the establishment of the list in 1994. All
details and some background information related to IRRIGATION-L
have been placed online.
Dr Thomas-M. Stein
list owner

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