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geodesy - Geodesy Community Mailing List

Subject: Geodesy Community Mailing List

Welcome to the Geodesy Community Mailing List!

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Code of Conduct
- This mailing list aims to be a welcoming place for the diverse set of people that form the global geodetic community.
- Please be kind with each other!
- This mailing list is moderated to avoid spam.
- Moderation decisions are not that of an individual but that of the moderation team. Moderation is subjective and a "best effort" to allow as many posts as possible reaching the list, while filtering out obvious spam, low-effort posts, or posts that violate the code of conduct.

Please contact the moderation team at with any concerns regarding postings.

. What should be posted here?
- Announcements of and call-for-abstracts for conferences, workshops, and sessions related to geodesy
- Announcements of other geodesy-related activities and events, e.g. online seminars and networking events
- Call for papers (e.g. for journal special issues)
- Job postings with connections to geodetic skills. (Please only job offers and no job searching.)
- Announcements of (published) data sets with broad (!) relevance for the geodetic community
- Please do NOT include any attachments. Instead, copy and paste text into the message itself.
- Please use a meaningful subject line - it increases the chances of your message being read
- All emails should be written in English.

What should NOT be posted here?
- Emails for commercial purposes.
- Any form of self-promotion.
- Job searching mails. Please do not send your CV via the mailing list!
- Announcements of publications.
- Specific scientific questions and discussions..
- This email mailing list is not an appropriate place for long discussions. Please reply to the original author only, please do not reply to the list.
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