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dbr-network - Design-based research network

Subject: Design-based research network

Description: This list is initiated by the network "Design-based research as a methodological framework in educational research" ( to support networking among early career design researchers, e. g. PhD candidates or postdocs working in DBR. Mails are about finding peers for feedback and exchange, arranging network meetings or write-ins, DBR events, questions about DBR etc.
How to subscribe: Select "Abonnieren" in the menu to subscribe, enter e-mail and name, then click "Ich abonniere die Liste dbr-network" and finally "Best├Ątigen" to confirm. Your subscription is approved once by a list moderator to protect the list from misuse.
Please use the list to spread the word about your events, questions, concerns. You can send your mails to as soon as you're in the list.

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