Users of the ATP-EMTP program

The ATP-EMTP software (Alternative Transients Program - Electromagnetic Transients Program) is world-wide mostly used, non-commercial transients program that is used by power utilities, electrical industry and universities to compute electromagnetic transients in electrical power systems and apparatus. For more information on ATP-EMTP visit

The list serves for the licensed ATP-EMTP users world-wide as a platform for technical discussions about modelling and program development. Users can share their experience and knowledge with others through the mailing list. Discussions are moderated.

Information exchanged via this list are not in the public domain, so forwarding it to others or re-publication in any form without permission is prohibited.

Subscription is performed manually by the list owner after checking ATP licensing status of the applicant. Information about subscription can be found at

The mailing list is maintained by Dr. Klaus Teichmann, University of Siegen, Dept. of Electrical Eng. & Computer Science in Siegen, Germany.

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